Protected marine area

The Protected Marine Area of Porto Cesareo covers an area of 16.654 hectares and it is the third largest in Italy. Some 32 km of jagged coastline run through the towns of Porto Cesareo and Nardò, overlooking the blue Ionian Sea between Punta Prosciutto in the north and Torre Inserraglio in the south.

The Marine Reserve Area is divided into three zones with different degrees of protection. The heart of the reserve are the areas designated as zone A. These comprise the strip of sea in front of the Strea peninsula and the waters between Sant'Isidoro and Casa Giorgella. No activities are allowed here, except for scientific research. Zone B comprises the area beyond Punta Prosciutto and the strip next to zone A in Sant'Isidoro. Bathing, diving and professional fishing are allowed in zone B. Finally, zone C, which covers the entire length of the Marine Reserve, is open to activities of low environmental impact.

The Strea Peninsula is included in the Reserve "Palude del Conte e Duna Costiera" that is a complex mosaic of ecosystems, stretches along the coast of the namesake municipality for almost 900 metres.


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