Porto Cesareo

Porto Cesareo, 28 km away from Lecce, is located by the Ionian Sea and it is an important tourist location, in the heart of the Terra d’Arneo (Arneo Land), well-known for its golden beaches and the wonderful sea and also easy to reach.

The small village lives according to the rhythm of the sea and is surrounded by the beautiful small port, with the fish market and the characteristic coloured boats. Porto Cesareo belongs to the Protected Marine Area and to the Regional Nature Reserve "Palude del Conte e Duna Costiera", among the largest in Italy.

Fascinating watchtowers, in good condition, dotted the landscape; among these, Torre Cesarea, Torre Chianca and Torre Lapillo. They are old stone watchers built to protect the coast from Saracen attacks and nowadays they watch the coast. Fortified masseria (farmsteads) and prehistoric dry-stone architectures dot the countryside, with important archeological evidence, such as the village Scalo di Furno, dating back to the Bronze Age.


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